Partnerships are paramount

Gravity is looking for new partners to grow the business significantly in the UK and internationally. Partnerships are paramount to the success of Gravity: landlords, franchise partners and investors are the driving force for Gravity’s expansion and continued success.


We work as partners with our franchisees to share our expertise and commitment to quality and draw on our market position and network of relationships to ensure successful outcomes for franchisees.

This includes identifying the best real estate providers and most profitable sites, negotiating contributions for development costs with favourable rent and rates, through to accessing additional funding and start-up investment to pass on to the franchisee.

Prospective franchisees also benefit from Gravity’s expertise in securing the best equipment and setting the highest safety standards. We provide an extensive suite of marketing and management tools, a training and development programme to help franchisees bring the best out of people plus ongoing support and an active sense of community amongst franchisees.

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We have built strong relationships with some of the largest and most prominent landlords in the UK and we are keen to partner with new landlords and collaborate on other large spaces in prime locations across cities and large towns in the UK. We work with landlords to provide the best offering for the space and the demographic mix of the local community, offering what local people want in one accessible destination and in turn, increasing footfall and spending in and around the site. We can also offer a managed service to landlords.



Guinness Asset Management have been pivotal in supporting Gravity Active Entertainment’s growth and development and remains a key shareholder. Gravity was started with the founder’s own capital and has been profitable since inception with much of its early growth self-funded from earnings and in 2016 we chose to partner with Guinness Asset Management who invested in the business.

Their support has been invaluable, providing not only capital but also experience and advice that has improved our growth trajectory. Since the first equity investment, they have invested in two further funding rounds, demonstrating their loyalty and commitment to Gravity.

We are now actively seeking new investors to realise emerging market opportunities and fund the next phase of Gravity’s growth.

Please contact our advisor KPMG for further information on investing in Gravity.