Business Model

Innovation and collaboration

Gravity Active Entertainment has developed a proven business model with several defining characteristics...

1) Active Fun

Gravity offers unique, immersive and exciting experiences for customers of all ages, under one roof. Customers want more than just shopping, eating and drinking, they want shared memories and to indulge their sense of fun.

2) Prime Locations

We select prime central sites where opportunities exist to develop the larger spaces on the high streets and shopping centres that large department stores and giant retail outlets are leaving in the face of online retail competition and more discerning customer tastes.

Experience-led leisure represents a changing of the guard in these central locations, offering customers new and engaging experiences and a reason to return to the high street whether as a family, a group of friends or for a corporate event.

3) Collaboration

We increase footfall wherever we operate and therefore many landlords want to partner with us. We share our experience and align with landlords to increase their contribution to development costs and agree on favourable commercial agreements in a win-win arrangement.

Gravity Wandsworth, for example, increased footfall by 25% at Southside Shopping Centre in the first 3 months since opening.

Gravity is well placed to accelerate its growth and we are seeing opportunities to close larger deals across the globe as companies seek to bring leisure brands into their portfolios without relying on revenue from retail, food and beverage alone. ‘Big-box’ leisure is expanding significantly in the U.S., and we see similar opportunities in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Bringing active leisure to city centres locations is essential for the financial health and sustainability of prime real estate, following the pandemic restrictions and steady decline of high street retail chains.