Reimagining The Highstreet

Gravity is the UK’s leading active entertainment brand – and we are changing the high street forever.

We’re providing experience-led leisure in settings that department stores and retail giants once dominated. As well as favourable rent and rates deals, we have also managed to negotiate inward investment through capex contributions by landlords on the majority of the Gravity sites.

The pandemic has rocked retail, but leisure is seeing unprecedented demand thanks to a new vision for the future of the high street and shopping centres.

Steve Henderson – Savills

When Gravity first entered the market, it was rare to find contributions from real estate providers. However, in the years since, the business has been able to engage and work alongside the world’s largest landlords, leading organisations and brands. We draw upon our market position and commitment to quality across the sector to forge lasting partnerships. It’s an opportunity that only exists thanks to Gravity’s experience and reputation.

Due to the success, ongoing growth and business performance of the Gravity model, franchisees can benefit from additional funding and start-up investment. In some instances, this had led to sites benefitting from up to £1.5m in start-up support. Where Gravity can leverage this funding, the full amount will be passed on to the franchisee.

Prospective franchisees will also benefit from Gravity’s expertise in identifying profitable sites and securing best-in-class equipment.

The last 12 months have proved that the business is pandemic-proof – meaning, according to Gravity CEO Harvey Jenkinson, there has never been a better time to invest.

 “We expect to execute bigger and more significant deals across the globe as larger conglomerates urgently seek to bring leisure brands into their portfolios,” Harvey explains. “Gravity is uniquely placed to help reduce the risk of sole reliance on retail, food and beverage.

“Big-box leisure is booming in the US, and forecasters predict that it won’t be long until the trend becomes hugely influential on this side of the pond too. At Gravity, we see ourselves as nothing short of essential for thriving real estate divisions across the world after COVID-19.”

Demand is growing, costs are dropping, and Gravity is primed to capitalise. There couldn’t be a better time to join the active entertainment industry by starting a Gravity franchise. To begin your journey, get in touch today.